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My Organic Odyssey Continues!

About a month ago, my husband and I decided to make the commitment to go organic. As I’ve already explained in my previous post, it has been a long time coming! We are so excited to make this change!! After

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Dissimulation of the Sacred Masculine

The internet is awash with articles, videos, podcasts, and art depicting and discussing the deteriorating Sacred Feminine Principle. I’ve posted two blog articles here, and here myself about the very same topic. The impact of what I call the fake

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My Long Overdue Organic Epiphany

Monsanto. Just the name of the company has been enough to enrage me over the last five years as I’ve read, watched, and heard countless reports and documentaries detailing the destruction that this evil corporation has brought to the natural

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My Natural Cold Remedy Experiment

A few weeks ago, I came down with a cold. I had severe sinus and chest congestion, along with a wet cough. At the onset of my illness, I did what I usually do, I went   out and spent

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Bill C-51 – Why every single Canadian citizen should be concerned

I have been talking about Bill C-51 with my friends and family members for the past few weeks now as I am greatly concerned about the impact that passing this legislation will have on the freedom and rights of all

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*Backyard Pervert Alert – Kingston Edition*

Last Monday, February 9th 2015, a 15 year old teen-aged boy was at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library on Johnson St where he was approached by, and then sexually assaulted by a 39 year old man. The young victim told

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*Backyard Pervert Alert – Toronto Edition *

Yesterday, February 4th, the Toronto Police released information about an ongoing sexual assault investigation. On August 31, 2014, Wayne Marlon Jones, 53, a pastor at the United Spiritual Baptist Church (787 Midland Ave, Ajax), was arrested and charged with sexual

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