My Organic Odyssey Continues!


About a month ago, my husband and I decided to make the commitment to go organic. As I’ve already explained in my previous post, it has been a long time coming! We are so excited to make this change!! After having done copious amounts of research and gaining a full understanding of the incredibly harmful effects that conventional foods are having on our health, we’ve decided that the small amount of extra effort to eat organic will be well worth it in the end.

Coupled with the health benefits of eating organic food, my husband and I have also been elated to find out that the taste, texture, and overall quality of organic is so superior to conventional! Did I mention how happy this makes me?? ūüėÄ I am thrilled that I can again start enjoying some of the foods that have been adulterated by GMOs and chemicals to such an extent that they don’t even taste like, or have the texture of real food anymore. We really missed eating tomatoes and bananas – the conventional ones have become so strange that we have just given up and stopped buying them!

Two weeks ago, we did our regular grocery shopping and while I was hopeful, I was not optimistic about finding organic items for many of the items on our list. Well, once again, I was completely wrong! (This is pretty much the only time in my life that I have been ridiculously happy about being so wrong! ūüėČ ) I was totally shocked that about 40% of the food that I purchased was all organic, and that I was easily able to find it all at my local big box grocery chain. When we got to the cash register to ring through a week’s worth of groceries for two people, I was a little worried that all the organic produce would really increase the total of my bill. Guess what? I was wrong AGAIN!! Not only was my bill only a few dollars more than normal, but the organic broccoli that I picked up was the¬†SAME¬†price as the conventional broccoli! ¬†(Would you be shocked to know that the broccoli also tastes amazing compared to the conventional stuff we’ve been eating?!?)


This week, our shopping trip was even more successful than the last one! If I was impressed with the above photograph, I was over the moon with our last trip. Only 5 items out of our $150.00 grocery list were conventional!! Again, I only spent about $10 extra, and I felt like an organic shopping super hero!!

While we’ve committed to this new lifestyle, we also decided that we are not going to change our regular shopping list. If we can’t buy organic, we will buy conventional, or attempt to grow our own. The fact that we eat a plant based diet is really helpful, as it eliminates the need to source organic meats, eggs, and dairy. In my last post, I excitedly announced that we are planning to start an organic container garden to try to grow some of our own vegetables. We are hoping that growing our own will help if we aren’t able to find certain organic items at our local store, and maybe save us a little money too. After our very successful grocery shopping trip, I was so motivated that we went directly to the local hardware store and bought some organic seeds and planting implements.

        We Even Found Organic Seed Starting Mix!!

We Even Found Organic Seed Starting Mix!!

Even though my parents have always had a huge vegetable garden, developing my cultivation skills has never been a priority for me. My idea of serenity is sitting down with a cup of tea and reading alternative news! I remember thinking that the worst chore my parents could entrust me with was weeding the garden, and at the time, I didn’t appreciate the fresh food. I couldn’t understand going through all the time and effort, and getting so dirty just to grow vegetables instead of simply going to the grocery store and buying it like everyone else! Not only have I never enjoyed gardening, but I have always thought that my thumb must be black; I have managed to kill almost every house plant – including a cactus!! Needless to say, I was not very confident, but¬†determinedly planted some seeds and set them to germinate on my windowsill anyway.


It’s been about two weeks since we seeded, and so far we are seeing little sprouts in all but two of our peat pots!! My husband and I are having such a great time together! Every morning when one of us waters the seedlings, we call out to each other with great excitement; “HONEY, LOOK! Another one is sprouting!” or “BABE!! Look how big this one’s getting!” We didn’t anticipate that we would enjoy learning to garden together so much, but it is yet another added benefit to our new commitment! We are hoping that the weather cooperates with us soon so that we can get these little babies into the portable green house we are going to put on our balcony. Time will tell if my new venture turns into a love for cultivation, but so far I have been enjoying every minute of my organic odyssey!

A great resource for anyone interested in an organic lifestyle can be found here:


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been a very inquisitive and observant person. I have also always felt as though there is something "not quite right" about the world. Prior to acquiring some basic information about the issues affecting our reality, natural law, the real definition of obfuscated words, and many other topics, I lived in a state of complete fear. My whole reality was consumed with one fear or another, and it began to cause me more and more suffering in my personal life. After developing an understanding of the above mentioned topics however, I am no longer stuck in the fear paradigm imposed on most of society. Thankfully, being curious about many things has spurred a tendency in me to research countless topics. In my quest for knowledge and truth, I have come to certain understandings about the world that we live in, the laws and constraints that we are (often unwittingly) subjected to in order that the system that we currently inhabit continues. Here, I will be posting my observations, exposing wrongdoings going on in our community and around the world, and suggesting some solutions required to alter the reality that we presently experience. I hope that anyone visiting this page will at least come away with some useful knowledge that can be directly applied to their life, and at best, share the information with others.

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