The Extermination of The Divine Feminine Quality of True Care


In my last post about the Sacred Feminine, I detailed how women in our society are particularly affected by the subversion of the divine feminine principles. However, the entirety of human civilization is being fooled by this big deception. When it comes down to the very basic core of the feminine principle, the root of its essence is care. Compassion, creativity, awareness, the embodiment of the life cycle, are all qualities associated with the feminine aspect of consciousness, as I have described in my previous article, Societal Corruption of the Divine Feminine Principles. All of those qualities, at their root, could not exist without Care.


Care is the force of nature which incites Action. (Action being the Masculine aspect of Care, and manifested in the physical world, to be discussed in future articles.) What we focus our attention on every day is ultimately where we place our care. If we care enough about something, we will be inspired to take (or not take) certain actions in order to obtain desired results. In our society tainted by a solipsistic world view, most people are not even able to truly care about anything that is not directly impacting to their immediate, positive, satisfaction.  We live in a world of instant gratification. There is a widespread sense of entitlement to things that, if looked at retrospectively, are completely unnecessary to human development and advancement. True Care has been replaced with greed, misguided ambition, and lustful desire. Our daily attentions are not focused on raising human awareness to a higher level, we are not working together in unison to create a more harmonious experience for the population as a whole. Instead, we are stuck in the daily grind, we take little time to experience true happiness because we are “too busy”. Being so exhausted and unaware of the hidden mysteries of the true potential of our minds, we are easily distracted, and bound by apathy.

Freeman Fly, of Freeman TV  recently did an interview with Mark Passio where they examined the rituals performed and displayed during Katy Perry’s half time show at this year’s super bowl.


Their interpretation of the ritualistic symbolism that exhibited the destruction of Care is well worth watching and very informative. They have detailed how the powers that should not be are attempting to replace the true qualities of Care with the perverted qualities (greed, lust, domination, and evil) ascribed to the mythical Whore of Babylon. I highly recommend clicking the Youtube link above, and having a look.

In order to free ourselves from the bindings imposed upon our consciousness, we must reconnect with the true principle of Care. We must come to the collective understanding that caring for, and working towards the betterment of humanity as a whole is the only way to truly develop progress. Breaking free of solipsism, and developing a holistic understanding of how our actions create effects in the world is the first step in this healing journey.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been a very inquisitive and observant person. I have also always felt as though there is something "not quite right" about the world. Prior to acquiring some basic information about the issues affecting our reality, natural law, the real definition of obfuscated words, and many other topics, I lived in a state of complete fear. My whole reality was consumed with one fear or another, and it began to cause me more and more suffering in my personal life. After developing an understanding of the above mentioned topics however, I am no longer stuck in the fear paradigm imposed on most of society. Thankfully, being curious about many things has spurred a tendency in me to research countless topics. In my quest for knowledge and truth, I have come to certain understandings about the world that we live in, the laws and constraints that we are (often unwittingly) subjected to in order that the system that we currently inhabit continues. Here, I will be posting my observations, exposing wrongdoings going on in our community and around the world, and suggesting some solutions required to alter the reality that we presently experience. I hope that anyone visiting this page will at least come away with some useful knowledge that can be directly applied to their life, and at best, share the information with others.

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