The Hegelian Dialectic: an Efficient and Effective Mass Control Methodology

The organizational structures of societies throughout history do not, on the surface, seem to have many similarities in the way that they have governed themselves. Monarchies, democratic republics, and communist unions are all completely different ideologically, however, they all make use of a similar methodology to maintain authority. Using the concepts of the Hegelian dialectic, small, elite groups of individuals have been able to influence the thoughts and behaviours of the general population in order to further their own agendas, and protect their control systems. The Hegelian dialectic can be explained in the simplest terms as the “problem, reaction, solution method.” It is especially effective and widely used in today’s world.

It is easy to see the dialectic at work in most every aspect of our daily life when we understand how it works. In order for us to understand the full extent of it’s effect on the general population, we must first understand the elite class working behind the scenes in our culture. It is common knowledge that most of the collective wealth is held by just a select few in our world today. Proof of this exists in the ever increasing protests such as “End the FED” in the U.S, the “We are the 99%” movement, “Occupy” movements throughout the world, alternative and mainstream media accounts of corruption, whistleblower reports, financial scandals and bailouts, and many more examples. Very little research is required to find out that at the top of the world economy, there are only a handful of corporations that are the owners of every single company in existence. The following chart is just a small example of the economic consolidation of power at work:



Due to the elitists’ firm grip on our society’s ultimate form of power, money, they are able to quite easily influence and direct world events. The Rothschild brothers of the well known London Rothschild dynasty explained it best:

“Those few who can understand the system (check book, money, and credit) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on it favours, that there will be little opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear it burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

An elitist world view can only be maintained if the assumption is held that the elite class deserve to have more rights, and therefore more authority, than others deemed below their class. Because of this implanted belief and false world view, the current elect assume that whatever vision they have for our world’s future is of principal importance and must be brought to fruition. Of course, the plans and visions are always thought up with the main objective being the ruling class’ best interest and personal gain. To accomplish these goals, they must often convince the general population to behave in ways, or to concede to events that they usually would not be accepting of. Naturally, they can’t just come right out and suggest or force people to alter their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours so drastically. In order for the powers that should not be to covertly impose their will on the rest of the populace, they must make it seem as though the general masses have no other choice but to comply with the pre-planned agenda. To take that strategy even further, we are often fooled into actually demanding that the pre-planned agenda be put in place, in the guise of protecting ourselves from some perceived or contrived threat.

images (1)

The process begins with a specially engineered problem such as a terrorist attack, artificially created riots, mass murders, or any similar even that will produce the chaotic environment required to incite enough fear and anger, so that the “solution” can then be presented to a willing and desperate audience. Natural disasters can also be taken advantage of, and sometimes even exacerbated by lack of proper procedures or inadequate responses. The next step is to drill the desired chaotic attitude and hysterical responses into the mindset of the public, and is widely, and constantly displayed by the media. Emotionally charged and scripted news bulletins and broadcasts are largely employed, as well as drastic editing of photographic, video, and eye witness testimonies. Primal fear exploitation is heavily exercised in order to cause enough panic that the collective population will demand that action be taken by the authorities. Those actions, of course, are the very actions that the authoritative elite had pre-planned in advance! In exchange for safety from the contrived threat against them, the masses will willingly go along with the suggested agenda of the hidden decision makers.

Considering the great wealth and subsequent power that has been amassed by our ruling elite, it may seem as though nothing can be done to change the current situation. While the powers that should not be may be able to contrive, alter, or otherwise influence the “problems” that they are offering us “solutions” to in the hopes that we behave a certain way, it is critical that we remember that they can NOT control our reactions to their fabrications. The reaction after all, according to the dialectic, should be exactly the action that the elite have pre-planned in the first place. The main objective of implementing the “problem”, and then introducing a “solution” is to create the desired effect that will further benefit their projects. The simplest way to avoid falling into the “disaster-media-saviour” trap is to question your strongest initial reaction when watching or reading a disturbing news story. Then ask yourself why, in relation to current events, might the media be portraying the situation in a certain way. Is your reaction falling into alignment with how the political/economic authority are trying to sway things?

The only way to develop the ability to discern things for ourselves, and more importantly, to react accordingly, is to stay informed about what is going on in our communities, and to keep a larger world view in mind. We must always remember that we have all been gifted with our own minds, and that we must use them to inform ourselves, and to shape our own opinions. We are ultimately in control of our minds, we can use them to think our own thoughts, and we do not have to be told how to do so by media, government, or any other authority! It is our thoughts that spark emotion within us, and our emotions are powerful tools that should be used to guise us into right and moral action. When we regain the ability to form our own thoughts, we will then be filled with the correct emotions, which will enable us to evolve from our current system based on fear and control.


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been a very inquisitive and observant person. I have also always felt as though there is something "not quite right" about the world. Prior to acquiring some basic information about the issues affecting our reality, natural law, the real definition of obfuscated words, and many other topics, I lived in a state of complete fear. My whole reality was consumed with one fear or another, and it began to cause me more and more suffering in my personal life. After developing an understanding of the above mentioned topics however, I am no longer stuck in the fear paradigm imposed on most of society. Thankfully, being curious about many things has spurred a tendency in me to research countless topics. In my quest for knowledge and truth, I have come to certain understandings about the world that we live in, the laws and constraints that we are (often unwittingly) subjected to in order that the system that we currently inhabit continues. Here, I will be posting my observations, exposing wrongdoings going on in our community and around the world, and suggesting some solutions required to alter the reality that we presently experience. I hope that anyone visiting this page will at least come away with some useful knowledge that can be directly applied to their life, and at best, share the information with others.

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