My Organic Odyssey Continues!


About a month ago, my husband and I decided to make the commitment to go organic. As I’ve already explained in my previous post, it has been a long time coming! We are so excited to make this change!! After having done copious amounts of research and gaining a full understanding of the incredibly harmful effects that conventional foods are having on our health, we’ve decided that the small amount of extra effort to eat organic will be well worth it in the end.

Coupled with the health benefits of eating organic food, my husband and I have also been elated to find out that the taste, texture, and overall quality of organic is so superior to conventional! Did I mention how happy this makes me?? 😀 I am thrilled that I can again start enjoying some of the foods that have been adulterated by GMOs and chemicals to such an extent that they don’t even taste like, or have the texture of real food anymore. We really missed eating tomatoes and bananas – the conventional ones have become so strange that we have just given up and stopped buying them!

Two weeks ago, we did our regular grocery shopping and while I was hopeful, I was not optimistic about finding organic items for many of the items on our list. Well, once again, I was completely wrong! (This is pretty much the only time in my life that I have been ridiculously happy about being so wrong! 😉 ) I was totally shocked that about 40% of the food that I purchased was all organic, and that I was easily able to find it all at my local big box grocery chain. When we got to the cash register to ring through a week’s worth of groceries for two people, I was a little worried that all the organic produce would really increase the total of my bill. Guess what? I was wrong AGAIN!! Not only was my bill only a few dollars more than normal, but the organic broccoli that I picked up was the SAME price as the conventional broccoli!  (Would you be shocked to know that the broccoli also tastes amazing compared to the conventional stuff we’ve been eating?!?)


This week, our shopping trip was even more successful than the last one! If I was impressed with the above photograph, I was over the moon with our last trip. Only 5 items out of our $150.00 grocery list were conventional!! Again, I only spent about $10 extra, and I felt like an organic shopping super hero!!

While we’ve committed to this new lifestyle, we also decided that we are not going to change our regular shopping list. If we can’t buy organic, we will buy conventional, or attempt to grow our own. The fact that we eat a plant based diet is really helpful, as it eliminates the need to source organic meats, eggs, and dairy. In my last post, I excitedly announced that we are planning to start an organic container garden to try to grow some of our own vegetables. We are hoping that growing our own will help if we aren’t able to find certain organic items at our local store, and maybe save us a little money too. After our very successful grocery shopping trip, I was so motivated that we went directly to the local hardware store and bought some organic seeds and planting implements.

        We Even Found Organic Seed Starting Mix!!

We Even Found Organic Seed Starting Mix!!

Even though my parents have always had a huge vegetable garden, developing my cultivation skills has never been a priority for me. My idea of serenity is sitting down with a cup of tea and reading alternative news! I remember thinking that the worst chore my parents could entrust me with was weeding the garden, and at the time, I didn’t appreciate the fresh food. I couldn’t understand going through all the time and effort, and getting so dirty just to grow vegetables instead of simply going to the grocery store and buying it like everyone else! Not only have I never enjoyed gardening, but I have always thought that my thumb must be black; I have managed to kill almost every house plant – including a cactus!! Needless to say, I was not very confident, but determinedly planted some seeds and set them to germinate on my windowsill anyway.


It’s been about two weeks since we seeded, and so far we are seeing little sprouts in all but two of our peat pots!! My husband and I are having such a great time together! Every morning when one of us waters the seedlings, we call out to each other with great excitement; “HONEY, LOOK! Another one is sprouting!” or “BABE!! Look how big this one’s getting!” We didn’t anticipate that we would enjoy learning to garden together so much, but it is yet another added benefit to our new commitment! We are hoping that the weather cooperates with us soon so that we can get these little babies into the portable green house we are going to put on our balcony. Time will tell if my new venture turns into a love for cultivation, but so far I have been enjoying every minute of my organic odyssey!

A great resource for anyone interested in an organic lifestyle can be found here:

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Dissimulation of the Sacred Masculine

The internet is awash with articles, videos, podcasts, and art depicting and discussing the deteriorating Sacred Feminine Principle. I’ve posted two blog articles here, and here myself about the very same topic. The impact of what I call the fake feminist agenda is certainly a concern for women, however the effect that it is having on the male population is also extreme and disturbing. Lacking a true connection with the major tenants of the feminine aspect of consciousness; care, creation and intuition easily enables men to be fooled into adopting misaligned masculine characteristics.

“Be A Man”

 be-a-man-facestough kid flexing muscles

In our current system, boys and men are indoctrinated with the belief that to “be a man”, they must show strength by imposing the force of their will onto others. Power is the utmost expression of manliness. Financial success, physical size and fitness, sexual adroitness, and the ability to conquer are all stereotypical qualities associated with what our society deems a “powerful man”.

The true Male archetype has been depicted through history in many ways. My preferred allegory is the King archetype, which is epitomized by four lesser (but equally important) paradigms; the Warrior, the Hunter, the Magician, and the Lover. The King is the leader and encompasses all of the other properties embodies by the four lesser models.

Genuine Masculinity


The Warrior is the defender of morality. He upholds the non aggression principle, while asserting the doctrine of self defence. A very basic example of this ideology is: “Do not violate the rights, property, or physical bodies of other people; but always, when your own rights, property, or physical body is being violated or under threat, use the appropriate amount of force to end the violence or threat.” The Warrior manifests equally strength, self discipline, and virtue.


The Hunter is a demonstration of a man’s ability to provide for the needs of his family. It is an especially visible evaluation of his work ethic, physicality, and intellectual abilities. It is up to a man, as a protector to ensure the safety of his family and his property, but also to provide a safety net for his loved ones. The Hunter’s family trusts in his ability to provide and protect; they are comforted by the balance of his un-wielding strength and constant dependability. The Hunter is the personification of a family’s security.


The Sage, sometimes known as the Magician, is the inquisitive and reasonable problem solver. He is able to connect with both the physical and the spiritual world in a neutral fashion so as to gain reliable insights and perspectives into big picture matters. The Sage is not easily swayed by beguilers because he has a firm understanding of truth and integrity. He is confident in his problem solving and creative ingenuity.


The Lover is a representation of a man’s emotions, ideologies, passion, and the love for his family and friends. He is empathic with others and able to revel in all of life’s pleasures. An intense drive and enthusiasm for self improvement are the main standards upheld by him. The Lover is spurred on by the love he has for his family and his willingness to provide for them.


The King expresses all of the precepts exhibited by the four subjacent symbols of the Masculine Principle. Like the Warrior, he protects and maintains order by upholding truth and morality. He is depended on, and trusted to provide for his kingdom, as is the Hunter. The King is sure of his convictions and in the manner of the Sage, is a clear sighted judge and visionary. His drive and ambition to sustain a flourishing life for himself and his loved ones are driven by the Lover’s traits.

The sacred aspects of the true Masculine Principle have been warped by a tyrannical elite class. Going back for thousands of years, history has been a story of the authoritarian “masculine” elite dominating the debased “feminine” masses. These powers that should not be have duped our men into believing the lies that the mainstream media is propagating about manliness. We are raising a generation of boys who are being systemically brainwashed into becoming order following dominators. Losing touch with their ability to rationalize and think critically in favour of blind order following has become the only way for a man to climb the proverbial ladder to success, recognition, and respect. We are all stuck in a hierarchal world, we are all being dominated and controlled, including other dominators – it is just a chain of command. Nevertheless, with personal responsibility, respect, and honour, we are able to break our co-dependency on high level tyrants in order to realize the full potential of our collective consciousness.

There are many other researchers who have a great understanding of the negative forces influencing the world’s collective consciousness. Sunyata Satchitana is a spiritual counsellor who has written extensively about the Divine Masculine here:

Another resource that I recommend listening to is Mark Passio’s podcast #69 at

(Images mostly sourced from


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My Long Overdue Organic Epiphany


Monsanto. Just the name of the company has been enough to enrage me over the last five years as I’ve read, watched, and heard countless reports and documentaries detailing the destruction that this evil corporation has brought to the natural world. I read about the financial ruin that Monsanto has put small and family farms in, I watched videos detailing the health impacts of the chemicals and genetic modification of our food supply, and I was disgusted by photos of rats with huge tumours caused by GMOs. Anger, disgust and outrage were apparently not enough to spur me to action however, until now. I have finally decided to go organic. I can no longer trick myself into believing the excuses that I would make up to not try organic foods sooner.

One of my biggest excuses has always been that organic food is too expensive. Well, organic food is a little bit more expensive than regular food. However, I have come to the realization that it is better to spend a little more money on food now than to spend a lot of money on health care and medications later! I also know that it is possible to save money on organic foods by shopping seasonably, watching sales, and by shopping in bulk.

My husband is also quite excited to start a little organic vegetable garden. We are apartment living right now, and will be trying our hand at container gardening! Hopefully, we will be able to grow our own tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumber, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, onions and herbs. Right now, we are still buried under a mountain of snow, but I have recently purchased an organic basil plant and it is quite enjoying my window sill. In a couple of weeks, we will germinate our seeds! Growing some of our own vegetables will help to offset our grocery bill, and nothing beats the taste of fresh from the garden food!


Another big misconception that we held about organic food was that it doesn’t taste very good. We thought that organic produce would not be as fresh as conventional produce, or that it would somehow “taste weird”. Recently, we’ve been very frustrated with the taste and texture of the conventional bananas and tomatoes that we have been eating. They just don’t taste right, and the texture is all wrong! In light of this, we decided to purchase some organic tomatoes and bananas last week to see if there were any difference. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the tomatoes tasted like, well, tomatoes! They were not terribly watery and bland like the conventional ones we have been so disappointed in lately! Then we tried the bananas and were happy to find that they actually taste like bananas and do not have a strange pasty texture! Sure, we paid about twenty cents more per pound, but we are actually going to enjoy eating our bananas and tomatoes this week, and we won’t be eating any poisons or genetically modified organisms either! We were so impressed that we’ve committed to always buying organic produce when available!


Okay, so we liked the produce, but could there exist organic sweeteners that actually satisfy, and don’t have strange textures or after tastes? We were sceptical, to say the least, but determined to find one. Sugar is one of my biggest vices, so I decided that if I am going to be eating so much of it, it had better be organic at least! I am a sugar snob. I only like a specific brand of sugar, and have in the past turned my nose up at natural replacements such as agave, honey or raw sugar. It was quite a step for me to take when I purchased a ten pound bag of organic sugar, but when I got home and made myself a cup of tea I was overjoyed to find the taste just exactly the same as my refined sugar.


Another thing that we just can’t live without eating is chips! We were sure that organic chips would be bland and that there would not be much selection. Believe it or not, we were wrong again!! Our local, big box grocery store had an entire aisle dedicated to organic snack foods! Last week, they were having a sale on Neil Brother’s brand organic potato chips so we picked up a couple of bags. Boy, were they good!! I highly recommend trying the Spirachup Spicy Ketchup, as well as the Himalayan Pink Salt flavours. We are definitely looking forward to continuing this organic chip experiment with new brands and flavours!

0719 found283.JPG

There are countless resources available online and elsewhere for information about organic foods, GMOs, and Monsanto. Like I already stated, it really did take me quite a lot of time and research before I finally understood how important the organic food movement is! Recently, I saw a great documentary that I highly recommend to anyone interested in food, health, and wellness!

Check it out at the link below:


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My Natural Cold Remedy Experiment


A few weeks ago, I came down with a cold. I had severe sinus and chest congestion, along with a wet cough. At the onset of my illness, I did what I usually do, I went   out and spent about $40.00 on over the counter medications to cover up my symptoms. I took a multi symptom cold tablet and was awake all night! I felt drugged and rather sick to my stomach, though I will admit that it dulled my headache somewhat. The cold tablet, while relieving my headache a little, did not really address the other symptoms, and ultimately made me feel worse. I decided that I would check online for some natural remedies. It turns out that there are many herbs (easily purchased at the grocery store, or grown at home) that can be used medicinally. The best part is that unlike over the counter medication, they don’t taste horrible, have no questionable ingredients in them, and cause no adverse side effects! I made two different teas, one for my chest congestion, and one for my sinus congestion. I drank each tea 2-3 times per day, for about 6 days, which is generally the same amount of time that I would have to resort to taking over the counter medications. The difference was that I only spent about $20.00, and my remedies did not make me feel sick, drugged, or unable to sleep. The tea was soothing to my sore throat, cleared my congestion just as well as medication, and provided me with needed hydration.   This little experiment has sealed the deal for me, in the future, my remedy of choice for colds will definitely be herbal tea! 

Citrus Basil Herbal Tea (For Nasal Congestion)


Steep the following ingredients in hot water for five minutes. If you prefer a sweet tea, add honey or agave (vegan) to taste. Regular sugar should be avoided, as it will further irritate the throat. Enjoy, relax, and feel better!

1 lemon wedge

1 lime wedge

3-4 thin slices of orange

6 fresh basil leaves

3 sprigs of fresh cilantro

*If you do not like basil, substitute with mint.*

(I prefer to just use the lemon and lime juice, because when I left it in the water it was too bitter. My husband did not notice a difference though and keeps his lemons/limes in.)


Citrus Thyme Tea (For Chest Congestion)


Steep the following ingredients in hot water for five minutes. . If you prefer a sweet tea, add honey or agave (vegan) to taste. Regular sugar should be avoided, as it will further irritate the throat. Enjoy, relax, and feel better!

1 lemon wedge

2 lime wedges

3-4 thin slices of orange

4 sprigs of fresh thyme

*If you do not like thyme, substitute with sage.*

(I prefer to just use the lemon and lime juice, because when I left it in the water it was too bitter. My husband did not notice a difference though and keeps his lemons/limes in.)

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Bill C-51 – Why every single Canadian citizen should be concerned

Bill C51

I have been talking about Bill C-51 with my friends and family members for the past few weeks now as I am greatly concerned about the impact that passing this legislation will have on the freedom and rights of all Canadians. Many people however, seem confused as to why I would even waste my time and energy getting upset about this matter. They seem to believe that as long as one is not engaging in terrorist or criminal activity, one should have no cause to be concerned with this legislation. It is very important that every Canadian citizen read the proposed bill C-51 in order to understand how the language used in the bill’s writing is so broad that it could certainly encompass people taking actions that would not necessarily be deemed terrorist, or even criminal. This bill is worded in such a fashion that it could very well be interpreted in ways that would remove our inherent and constitutional rights to free speech.

Bill C-51 states that any person who  “by communicating statements, knowingly advocates or promotes the commission of terrorism offences in general — other than an offence under this section — while knowing that any of those offences will be committed or being reckless as to whether any of those offences may be committed, as a result of such communication, is guilty of an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term of not more than five years.” ( 16. The Act is amended by adding the following after section 83.22:)

Marni Soupcoff, Executive Director of the Canadian Constitution Foundation,  helpfully breaks this jargon down into laymen’s terms for us in her article “Bill C-51: Think Inside the Box” :

“Bill C-51 doesn’t just deal with statements that advocate terrorism; it also covers statements that “promote” terrorism. To be found guilty, the person who made those statements doesn’t need to have known his words or images would lead to an act of terrorism. It’s enough that he was simply “reckless” about whether what he was saying might cause someone out there to commit a terrorist act.” (

Does this mean that if a law abiding Canadian were to write a blog post denouncing the government’s continued involvement in the war in Afghanistan, and that if a deranged person who read this article decided that to engage in a terrorist act against a government institution in retaliation, that the author of the blog post is complicit in the terrorism?  With the language being used, it could definitely be argued that yes, the blogger was “reckless” as to whether or not his post might have caused another person to engage in a terrorist act. With such broad language being used, it is conceivable that self censorship could soon become the required norm if one wishes to avoid prosecution and imprisonment!

While the Prime Minister has continually denied that this bill could be used against law abiding citizens exercising free speech, he also has not been able to explain why this legislation is even necessary. It is already illegal under the criminal code of Canada to knowingly promote terrorist activity, but the Prime Minister has been unable to explain why it is necessary to criminalize people who have no wish or intention to incite terrorism, and are simply exercising their right to free speech.

In an open letter to Parliament, over 100 academics, mostly involved in legal studies, are imploring the government to alter the wording of Bill C-51. Their condemnation of the bill is harsh, but accurate stating that “Bill C-51 is a dangerous piece of legislation in terms of its potential impacts on the rule of law, on constitutionally and internationally protected rights and on the health of Canada’s democracy.” (

There will be a public presentation and discussion about Bill C-51 in Kingston Ontario March 2 2015, 6:30PM at Kingston City Hall.



Sharry Aiken, Queen’s Law Professor, former chair of the Canadian Council for Refugees

Matthew Behrnes, writer, coordinator Homes not Bombs
David Murakami Wood, Canadian Research Chair in Surveillance Studies, Queen’s University
All are welcome to this free event – please invite others and spread the word!


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The Extermination of The Divine Feminine Quality of True Care


In my last post about the Sacred Feminine, I detailed how women in our society are particularly affected by the subversion of the divine feminine principles. However, the entirety of human civilization is being fooled by this big deception. When it comes down to the very basic core of the feminine principle, the root of its essence is care. Compassion, creativity, awareness, the embodiment of the life cycle, are all qualities associated with the feminine aspect of consciousness, as I have described in my previous article, Societal Corruption of the Divine Feminine Principles. All of those qualities, at their root, could not exist without Care.


Care is the force of nature which incites Action. (Action being the Masculine aspect of Care, and manifested in the physical world, to be discussed in future articles.) What we focus our attention on every day is ultimately where we place our care. If we care enough about something, we will be inspired to take (or not take) certain actions in order to obtain desired results. In our society tainted by a solipsistic world view, most people are not even able to truly care about anything that is not directly impacting to their immediate, positive, satisfaction.  We live in a world of instant gratification. There is a widespread sense of entitlement to things that, if looked at retrospectively, are completely unnecessary to human development and advancement. True Care has been replaced with greed, misguided ambition, and lustful desire. Our daily attentions are not focused on raising human awareness to a higher level, we are not working together in unison to create a more harmonious experience for the population as a whole. Instead, we are stuck in the daily grind, we take little time to experience true happiness because we are “too busy”. Being so exhausted and unaware of the hidden mysteries of the true potential of our minds, we are easily distracted, and bound by apathy.

Freeman Fly, of Freeman TV  recently did an interview with Mark Passio where they examined the rituals performed and displayed during Katy Perry’s half time show at this year’s super bowl.


Their interpretation of the ritualistic symbolism that exhibited the destruction of Care is well worth watching and very informative. They have detailed how the powers that should not be are attempting to replace the true qualities of Care with the perverted qualities (greed, lust, domination, and evil) ascribed to the mythical Whore of Babylon. I highly recommend clicking the Youtube link above, and having a look.

In order to free ourselves from the bindings imposed upon our consciousness, we must reconnect with the true principle of Care. We must come to the collective understanding that caring for, and working towards the betterment of humanity as a whole is the only way to truly develop progress. Breaking free of solipsism, and developing a holistic understanding of how our actions create effects in the world is the first step in this healing journey.

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Engineering Perception Through World View Poisoning

One of the most pervasive forms of world view poisoning at work in most areas of our world is solipsism. Solipsism is the notion that nothing outside of the self can truly be known to exist, that there is no objective reality. Only subjective reality, or personal experiences in the world can be trusted and verified as truth. Solipsists have an especially self centered world view, as they are unable to form true emphatic awareness, unless they have personal experience of certain circumstances. Basically, for a solipsist, if it is not directly impacting to themselves, it is not worth knowing or acting upon. Another poisoned world view that is largely the product of a solipsistic mind set is moral relativism, which is the notion that ethics are cultural standards and culturally influenced moral judgements, and are therefore subject to individual choice or belief systems. In a solipsistic world where moral relativism rules, conflicts are inevitable since no two people experience reality in the same way. If morality is relative, how then can truth really be known?

moral-relativism Solipsism can be found in almost any group of people, especially in our increasingly westernized, global society. Most people who ascribe to this poisoned world view, in fact, are completely unaware that they have a perverted outlook on the rest of the world. Particularly in our culture of extreme political correctness, even if we do not agree with something that we view as immoral, we are resistant to challenging it publicly. (This is in exclusion of the other side of the coin, which are the extremist groups aligned with certain causes, and is another form of elitist control; the divide and conquer strategy, to be discussed later.) The prevailing philosophy in many cases is “if it doesn’t harm me, why should I care?” or “That’s your opinion, I choose to believe differently.”

solipsism-all-about-me (1)

(Click photo for a link to Mark Passio’s Solipsism podcast, choose podcast #1)

Reality is that which is actually occurring, it is not tainted by perception. Truth can be described as reality, and is defined as such in the English Oxford Dictionary : ” That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality.”

Finnish philosopher Edward Westermarck developed the first theory of moral relativism, and portrayed all ideas as subjective judgments that are reflections of one’s culture and upbringing. The word “culture” is derived from the Latin word “colere” which means to inhabit or to cultivate. The Amity University School of Business gives a great definition of culture: “Culture is the collective programming (thinking, feeling and acting) of the mind which distinguishes the members of one group or category of people from another.” (

If objective truth can not be found in morality, it is easy to see how different groups who ascribe to contrasting belief systems devolve into conflict. These conflicts are often used to the benefit of the elitists at the top who’s personal agendas can be helped by this division strategy. The powers that should not, be having a firm understanding of the human psyche, have capitalized on our naiveté, and falsely led most to believe that truth is not objective or absolute, but can be molded to shape cultural practices.


Coming into alignment with truth, and living according to it’s principles is the key to freeing ourselves from the tainted view of reality that we have been programmed to manifest into existence. A mass shift in human consciousness is necessary and possible! In order to do this, the contrived laws of man under which our current system is governed must be overturned in favor of the natural laws of creation, or what can otherwise be known as universal truth. Universal truths, or natural law are guidelines by which all of creation is governed. They can not be challenged, changed, or stopped. One example of a universal truth is the law of gravity, as it can not be relative, it is always objective. It doesn’t matter what moral principle you apply to the law of gravity, it simply is and acts, no matter what! Kris Nelson of has expanded on this concept in exceptional detail. I highly recommend that everyone take advantage of his vast compilation of knowledge and information.


When we are able to further understand this principle by aligning our consciousness with truth on a more frequent basis, we are able to break away from the perverted world view of moral relativism. A simple explanation of how to apply true morality, (not moral relativism) into our lives, is to live by the principle of the golden rule. Essentially, do not do things to other people, or to their property that you would not want to have done onto yourself, or your property. In my next article about natural law, I will attempt to further outline this ideology. Stay tuned! 🙂










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The Hegelian Dialectic: an Efficient and Effective Mass Control Methodology

The organizational structures of societies throughout history do not, on the surface, seem to have many similarities in the way that they have governed themselves. Monarchies, democratic republics, and communist unions are all completely different ideologically, however, they all make use of a similar methodology to maintain authority. Using the concepts of the Hegelian dialectic, small, elite groups of individuals have been able to influence the thoughts and behaviours of the general population in order to further their own agendas, and protect their control systems. The Hegelian dialectic can be explained in the simplest terms as the “problem, reaction, solution method.” It is especially effective and widely used in today’s world.

It is easy to see the dialectic at work in most every aspect of our daily life when we understand how it works. In order for us to understand the full extent of it’s effect on the general population, we must first understand the elite class working behind the scenes in our culture. It is common knowledge that most of the collective wealth is held by just a select few in our world today. Proof of this exists in the ever increasing protests such as “End the FED” in the U.S, the “We are the 99%” movement, “Occupy” movements throughout the world, alternative and mainstream media accounts of corruption, whistleblower reports, financial scandals and bailouts, and many more examples. Very little research is required to find out that at the top of the world economy, there are only a handful of corporations that are the owners of every single company in existence. The following chart is just a small example of the economic consolidation of power at work:



Due to the elitists’ firm grip on our society’s ultimate form of power, money, they are able to quite easily influence and direct world events. The Rothschild brothers of the well known London Rothschild dynasty explained it best:

“Those few who can understand the system (check book, money, and credit) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on it favours, that there will be little opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear it burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

An elitist world view can only be maintained if the assumption is held that the elite class deserve to have more rights, and therefore more authority, than others deemed below their class. Because of this implanted belief and false world view, the current elect assume that whatever vision they have for our world’s future is of principal importance and must be brought to fruition. Of course, the plans and visions are always thought up with the main objective being the ruling class’ best interest and personal gain. To accomplish these goals, they must often convince the general population to behave in ways, or to concede to events that they usually would not be accepting of. Naturally, they can’t just come right out and suggest or force people to alter their feelings, thoughts, and behaviours so drastically. In order for the powers that should not be to covertly impose their will on the rest of the populace, they must make it seem as though the general masses have no other choice but to comply with the pre-planned agenda. To take that strategy even further, we are often fooled into actually demanding that the pre-planned agenda be put in place, in the guise of protecting ourselves from some perceived or contrived threat.

images (1)

The process begins with a specially engineered problem such as a terrorist attack, artificially created riots, mass murders, or any similar even that will produce the chaotic environment required to incite enough fear and anger, so that the “solution” can then be presented to a willing and desperate audience. Natural disasters can also be taken advantage of, and sometimes even exacerbated by lack of proper procedures or inadequate responses. The next step is to drill the desired chaotic attitude and hysterical responses into the mindset of the public, and is widely, and constantly displayed by the media. Emotionally charged and scripted news bulletins and broadcasts are largely employed, as well as drastic editing of photographic, video, and eye witness testimonies. Primal fear exploitation is heavily exercised in order to cause enough panic that the collective population will demand that action be taken by the authorities. Those actions, of course, are the very actions that the authoritative elite had pre-planned in advance! In exchange for safety from the contrived threat against them, the masses will willingly go along with the suggested agenda of the hidden decision makers.

Considering the great wealth and subsequent power that has been amassed by our ruling elite, it may seem as though nothing can be done to change the current situation. While the powers that should not be may be able to contrive, alter, or otherwise influence the “problems” that they are offering us “solutions” to in the hopes that we behave a certain way, it is critical that we remember that they can NOT control our reactions to their fabrications. The reaction after all, according to the dialectic, should be exactly the action that the elite have pre-planned in the first place. The main objective of implementing the “problem”, and then introducing a “solution” is to create the desired effect that will further benefit their projects. The simplest way to avoid falling into the “disaster-media-saviour” trap is to question your strongest initial reaction when watching or reading a disturbing news story. Then ask yourself why, in relation to current events, might the media be portraying the situation in a certain way. Is your reaction falling into alignment with how the political/economic authority are trying to sway things?

The only way to develop the ability to discern things for ourselves, and more importantly, to react accordingly, is to stay informed about what is going on in our communities, and to keep a larger world view in mind. We must always remember that we have all been gifted with our own minds, and that we must use them to inform ourselves, and to shape our own opinions. We are ultimately in control of our minds, we can use them to think our own thoughts, and we do not have to be told how to do so by media, government, or any other authority! It is our thoughts that spark emotion within us, and our emotions are powerful tools that should be used to guise us into right and moral action. When we regain the ability to form our own thoughts, we will then be filled with the correct emotions, which will enable us to evolve from our current system based on fear and control.

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Societal Corruption of The Divine Feminine Principles


In today’s society, it seems to me that we have collectively reached a point where femininity denotes weakness, irrelevance, and lack of power. Although the masculine and feminine aspects of creation exist inherently within all people of either gender, the female body is a physical representation of the divine feminine. Since our bodies are literal embodiments of this principle, women are particularly affected by the subversion of the sacred feminine. To fully comprehend modern women’s response to this suppression, we must understand that this is being done deliberately, and that women have been deceived. In response to the mass deception and confusion, women have developed convoluted ideas about how they are able to assert power in this world. This is a call to action to my fellow women; it is time that we reclaim the true power embodied within the female aspect of creation, and within ourselves!

The divine feminine principle has been revered throughout history and celebrated in many ancient societies through the worship of goddesses and female deities. The goddess Isis was worshiped in ancient Egypt and embodied the characteristics of motherhood, nature, and creation. The Hindu goddess Kali is another example, she was worshiped as the embodiment of time, change, and the cycle of creation. Other nature based, and pagan societies have also recognized the sacred feminine as embodied in the concept of Mother Earth. In her book “The Divine Feminine, exploring the feminine face of god throughout the world”, Anne Baring describes the feminine force as such:

            “the fertile womb which eternally regenerates plants, animals, human beings; the life-force which attracts the male to the female; the power which creates, destroys and transforms all forms of itself. The goddess speaks as the source and embodiment of all instinctive processes. She is the life force which is nurturing, compassionate,, beneficent and also the terrifying and implacable force of destruction which can nevertheless regenerate what it has destroyed.”


In exploring the celebration of the Sacred Feminine expressed within these and many other philosophies, it is clear that the female expression of consciousness and creation holds amazing power! Balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of the human psyche is paramount to experiencing reality in a holistic way.

In order to balance both sides of the mind, and therefore operate from a holistic attitude, we must understand the nature of the duality of human consciousness. The masculine characteristics embodied within the human psyche include focused consciousness, strength, assertion, and demonstrate the principle of self defence. The feminine characteristics embodied within each of us can be described as awareness, receptivity, authority, creativity, the life force/cycle, and demonstrate the principle of non aggression. The physical bodies of men and women are the outward expressions of these psychological attributes. The male characteristics and expression in both the spiritual and physical can be interpreted as upward and outward. Conversely, the female essence in both the spiritual and the physical sense can be understood as downward and inside. While our physical bodies determine our outward expression, it is important to realize that regardless of gender, our spiritual selves are embodiments of the whole of creation. There are three aspects to creation, the duality of masculine and feminine being two parts, and the third being the essence of spirit itself, the all encompassing power of creation. In his essay “The Masculine and Feminine Principles”, Jeff Foster, an accomplished author and speaker explains this intricate concept wonderfully :

“How does a tree survive and flourish in life’s storm? The tree’s masculine (and some may say feminine) strength is its unyielding, firm, solid strength, like its trunk, unwilling to give way, standing its absolute ground, untouched by anything. “Storm, you cannot touch me! I am invincible!” it cries. The tree’s feminine (and some may say masculine) strength is in its yielding, soft, gentle way, like its branches, effortlessly giving way, intelligently bending in line with the movement of life, so that they never get broken. “Storm, come to me! Do not be afraid!” is its loving invocation. A tree needs both kinds of strength to be fully itself.”

(Jeff Foster:

Just as a tree relies on both aspects of the duality of it’s survival, so must we come into balance with the true and full basis of our consciousness in order to realize our full potential in the here and now. How then are women expected to function in a holistic and balanced way when the very core of our essence, the divine feminine principles, have been subverted? Looking around at the images and philosophies being encouraged and promoted to women, it is clear to me that the feminine ideal has been severely defiled. From media indoctrination into patriarchy, clothing popularized for women, perverted sexuality, the still prevalent (though much better concealed) inequality of women in the workforce, it is no wonder that women have misplaced their notion of power. To be powerful in our present world, one must be youthful, physically powerful, financially successful, and dominating. Is it any wonder then, that we as women are abdicating our inherent feminine powers in favour of adopting these perverted, and some might argue more masculine traits? What it really comes down to is that we seek to regain our control. Because our inherent worth has been hidden from us, we seek out control in order to regain a sense of strength, misplaced over time through programming though it may be! I have seen this manifest in myself, and in other women that I know in a myriad of ways.

Some women seek to control their own bodies, through diet, exercise, eating disorders, or general over-emphasis on their appearance. I’m not trying to say that your body is not important, or that you shouldn’t take pride in your appearance. But where I see this issue creating problems in the lives of the women around me is when the appearance starts to become who and what they identify with, as opposed to their internal qualities. We must learn to take pride in ourselves, as women who’s bodies are living representations of the female aspect of creation! To seek to impose control on our bodies is to misuse our will in order to impose control on the beautiful force of Creation itself! The key to this, of course, is holistic balance; we must give homage to our beautiful and amazing bodies, take care of ourselves physically, do whatever we can to ensure our health, but not become a slave to our physical forms! It is also insane to expect to create any kind of meaningful outward change when the only focus of work is done to, and on one’s physical body! We are so much more than our bodies, therefore we must utilize all of our capacities to fully realize our wonderful potential.

Other women attempt to gain control using the degradation of their sexuality. The media is becoming more and more explicit in the kinds of sexual acts that it displays, and the lack of respect displayed to sexuality in general is fast becoming just a normal aspect of everyday life. “Sex sells” is a slogan that everyone is aware of, and that I’m sure no one can deny is true in our society. We are even subjected to sexually explicit advertising in relation to non sexual items! (I’m sure you’ve all seen the Reebok commercial for their “glute-toning” shoes that showed countless images of women’s legs and butts, and very few images of the actual shoes being sold.) It is almost a natural reaction for women to respond to their feelings of inadequacy, and attempt to “climb the social ladder” by using the only means that they see at their disposal: their sexuality. This pervasive ideology that has largely been purported by the mainstream media very quickly and easily indoctrinates girls and women into a culture that views sex as a means to “get what you need”. The rampant and disgusting increase in pornography that is flooding all distribution markets is now seeing a heavy increase in progressively more perverse professional, and, even increasingly popular, amateur productions. Women are walking around with fewer and smaller articles of clothing, and if it is suggested that they might cover up, that they are perhaps being disrespectful of their own bodies, they have been fooled into believing that   those making these suggestions are “anti-feminist”, or being labelled as a “Prude.” My challenge to that belief is that our bodies are to be cherished and respected, that there is a time and to celebrate our body’s sexuality, and to express that through clothing. My belief is that we must learn to know when and how to express the full nature of our femininity through the proper application of sexuality in all aspects of our lives, including dress and comportment. When I see news stories and internet videos of young ladies in high school and college doing “twerk-offs”, it generates a feeling of such immense sadness in me. It hurts me to the very core of my being to see so many young girls and women who have been so programmed that they now accept this as normal, even alluring activity. It is true that women, being living embodiments of the divine female principle, have bodies that symbolize fertility, creation, and the beautiful cycle of life. However, the intense and inescapable programming that we are subjected to in our culture has reduced the beauty and glory of the sacred feminine to simple and perverse sexuality.

Having read this far, some might ascertain that I might hold some rather old fashioned values. To set the record straight, I am a 27 year old young woman, and I consider the values that I hold to be a reflection on the morality that I have found within myself. I do not want to be misunderstood; in writing this article, my intentions are to express my ever developing ideas surrounding what it truly means to be female, and how our sexuality affects our lives in today’s world. While I do not agree with the current situation that women are faced with, I am certainly no advocate for the radical opposite lifestyle being portrayed in our media, the subservient woman who bows to her male superior and who’s only worth is calculated in the number of children she bears, and how well she keeps a home. While it is true that women are inherently nurturing in nature (due to their unique relationship with the sacred feminine as expressed through their bodies,) and therefore generally are better disposed to keeping a home and raising children, women are still whole human beings. Even if our bodies express the feminine, we are still a living manifestation of the most beautiful and awesome force, the force of divine creation! Since Creation encompasses both aspects of the duality, we must come into balance with, and develop a respect for the true core of our beings.

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Divine Mother

I wrote this poem last night after much research for an upcoming article about the sacred feminine principle, and a wonderful conversation w a Facebook friend… I’d like to dedicate this piece to my mom, Sylvie Kerr. She has always known the light inside of me, even when my perception was too dark for me to see it.

images (1)

Divine Mother

She called me forth from the depths of the abyss.

Answering, I stepped forward into her shocking light

With eyes new and vulnerable, and so was blinded.

Stumbling in the dark, I clawed my way up the

Jagged cliffs of the great mountain.

When I summited, my fear of her awesome power

Knocked me over the other side, and I fell

Again onto the valley floor where she

Swallowed me up in her sweet embrace.

Then in the safety of her arms, I saw

Her glory with eyes renewed and felt

Her fearsome power rise within me.

My own light reflected back to me, a tiny star

In the great expanse of her night.

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The Manipulation of Reality Through the Obfuscation of Language


Language has been one of the critical factors in the evolution and success of every great society in the history of human civilization. Language and the ability for us to communicate with each other is arguably the very basis for human cooperation and because of this, a vital tool in the evolution of humanity. The story of Babel in the Christian Bible’s book of Genesis illustrates this point beautifully.

Babel is a story about a post deluge world, where every person living was united by a common language. This unity and ability to communicate with each other enabled the population to cooperate together enough that they were able to construct a great tower so magnificent in its scale and design that no other structure had ever rivaled it. According to the King James version of the bible, God responded to the project by proclaiming:  “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them. Come, let us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.” Being unable to further communicate with one another, the construction of the great tower ceased, disputes and violence broke out, and the people dispersed across the earth.

Many great scholars have reflected on the significance of language to the development, and maintenance of society. Benjamin Whorf, a renowned linguist and anthropologist in the 1930s, concluded that language shapes thoughts and emotions, and therefore determines one’s perception of reality. If language plays such a role in the perception of reality, it is conceivable that with a little linguistic slight of hand, whole populations can easily be controlled and manipulated. The English language is rife with obfuscation and double speak which is now enabling the paralysis of our awareness, and the suppression of human consciousness. In order to change the reality that we are collectively manifesting, it is imperative that we come to a full and clear understanding of the true definitions of the words that comprise our common language. Mark Passio (of, who’s many video presentations can be viewed here, and Kris Nelson ( of, who’s work on the matter can be found here are two researchers who display a fantastic command and understanding of the use of language, and of the true meanings of certain key words that have been deliberately obscured in order to suppress human potential and development.

Mark Passio’s explanation of the Latin origins of certain key words has enabled me to further understand, and thus rebel against the control system imposed upon us all. They include, but are not limited to the list below, however a broader understanding of this and many other important topics can, and should be obtained by viewing Mark’s work in the links that I have provided. Below is a list of words and their corresponding definitions according to Mark. (These definitions are constantly referenced in Mark’s many presentations, podcasts, and other publications. I highly encourage everyone to have a further look at his work.) Having a Latin dictionary is also very helpful when trying to decode the true meanings of words for yourself.

Sovereign: From the Latin adverb “super” (meaning: above), and the Latin noun “regnum” (meaning: rulership or control). Therefore, to be sovereign is to be above ruler-ship or control, or one who is not ruled or controlled by another.

Anarchy: From the Greek prefix “an” (meaning without, or denoting an absence), and the Greek noun “archon” (meaning master, or ruler). Contrary to popular opinion, Anarchy does not mean without rules. It literally means without rulers. It does NOT mean chaos, as is the commonly held belief.

Religion: From the Latin verb “religare” (meaning to bind, to tie back, to thwart from forward progress, to hold back). Denotes a system of control based in unchallenged dogmatic belief which holds back the progress of consciousness.

Occult: From the Latin verb “occultare” (meaning to hide from sight, or to cover). The common associations of evil, demons, and hell fire to this word are obviously completely incorrect when one realizes its true origin and meaning. It simply means hidden from sight, or concealed from general awareness.

Justification: From the Latin adjective “iustus” (meaning righteous, right, or just), and the Latin verb “facere” (meaning to make). Therefore, to make right, or to make something right or just.

Government: From the Latin verb “gubernare” (meaning to control), and the Latin noun “mens” (meaning mind). This word literally means MIND CONTROL.

Educate: From the Latin verb “educo” (meaning to lead, or to conduct). Therefore we can conclude that the true meaning of educate is to lead or conduct a person towards a certain ideology, understanding or viewpoint.

With the knowledge of the true definitions of just a few commonly spoken words, it is clear to me that our language has been deliberately confused in order to cause the same deterrents to human potential as outlined above, in the story of Babel. Unfortunately from my daily observations, it is apparent to me that it is working!

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*Backyard Pervert Alert – Kingston Edition*

Last Monday, February 9th 2015, a 15 year old teen-aged boy was at the Kingston Frontenac Public Library on Johnson St where he was approached by, and then sexually assaulted by a 39 year old man. The young victim told library staffers of the incident, and they alerted police. Robert J Burns was located later that evening and is being held for a bail hearing. He is charged with Sexual Assault, Sexual Interference and Breach of Probation.

According to the Kingston Whig-Standard, this pedophile Robert J Burns has an acquired brain injury. I am certain that his legal aid lawyer is going to attempt to justify this rapacious pervert’s vile actions. My thoughts on the matter are simple: If our ridiculous “justice” system decides that a brain injury is the cause of this heinous individual’s deviance, and since technology has not advance enough to cure these types of brain injury, the only way to truly protect the public from his inability to control his base urges would be to remove him from the general population. The idea of a bail hearing for such a dangerous and out of control individual is completely absurd, but I can’t say that I am surprised that such nonsense is actually taking place.


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*Backyard Pervert Alert – Toronto Edition *

Yesterday, February 4th, the Toronto Police released information about an ongoing sexual assault investigation. On August 31, 2014, Wayne Marlon Jones, 53, a pastor at the United Spiritual Baptist Church (787 Midland Ave, Ajax), was arrested and charged with sexual assault and three counts of fraud. Allegedly, between May of 2011 and May of 2013, while offering “spiritual guidance” and performing exorcisms on a woman and sexually assaulted her during these activities. Not only did this revolting pervert take advantage of his position of power to fool a woman who trusted that he would heal her spiritually, but he took it a step further and actually charged her for his “services!” The investigation is ongoing and Toronto police believe that there may be other victims and are asking anyone with information to contact police at 416-808-1400, Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477), online at


An article in the Toronto Sun quoted a neighbor who claims to have seen and heard strange goings on at the church operated by Jones at all hours of the night and day. She described hearing screaming coming from the church and people worshiping there from 2:00 – 6:00 AM. The CBC and other media outlets are also covering this scandal, however they do not seem to be covering the more sinister aspects of this deviant’s “religious” activities. He is scheduled to appear in court at Old City Hall on February 11 2015. In 1987, this predator was ordained as a minister, and has been the spiritual leader of  the United Spiritual Baptist Church since 2000. Thankfully, he has been exposed, but I know that this one situation just scratches the surface of the scale of abuse that is perpetrated by people in positions of authority over those who trust them.

The whole reason for these “Backyard Pervert Alerts” is to illustrate that sexual abuse, especially perpetrated against children, is rampant in our country, but it is a subject that most people would prefer to ignore. Because the subject is so disturbing, our society, for the most part, would like to imagine that sexual abuse is an offence that is uncommon, or that “things like that won’t happen to my family.”  I want to highlight the fact that sexual predators and pedophiles are everywhere! They live where you live, they work where you work, and in many cases they are disguised as the “pillars” of our communities!

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